How to use CAGR Function in Excel

Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is financial metric that provides a smoothed annual rate of return over a specified time period. It is particularly useful for analyzing investment returns or business performance. Excel, being a versatile tool, offers a dedicated function to calculate CAGR effortlessly. In this tutorial, we’ll explore the CAGR function in Excel … Read more

How to use AND Function in Excel

AND Function

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software that allows users to perform complex calculations and logical operations efficiently. The AND function is one of the many logical functions within Excel that helps users evaluate multiple conditions simultaneously. This tutorial will delve into the AND function, its syntax, usage, and examples to demonstrate its practical application. What … Read more


The AGGREGATE function in Excel is a powerful formula that allows users to perform various calculations on a range of data while providing options to ignore errors, and hidden values, or even include specific types of data. With 19 different calculation options, AGGREGATE offers versatility for handling data efficiently. Let’s dive into understanding and using … Read more



The ACCRINTM function in Excel is a powerful tool used to calculate the accrued interest for a security that pays interest at maturity. It’s particularly useful for investments like bonds, which often have interest payments at specific intervals. Syntax The syntax for ACCRINTM is: =ACCRINTM(issue, settlement, rate, par, [basis]) Parameters Explanation: Issue Date (issue): This … Read more

ACCRINT Function


The ACCRINT function is a useful tool in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, designed to calculate the accrued interest for a financial asset that pays periodic interest. It’s particularly handy when dealing with bonds or other fixed-income securities that accrue interest over time. ACCRINT stands for accrued interest. Understanding ACCRINT Function Syntax: … Read more

ABS Function

ABS Function

The ABS function in Excel is a powerful tool used primarily in mathematical calculations, specifically to obtain the absolute value of a number. It disregards whether the number is positive or negative and provides its positive equivalent. When to Use the ABS Function Excel’s ABS function comes in handy whenever you need to work with … Read more