Forum Rules

The following rules apply to all members of this Forum. You need to follow them to avoid getting banned.

  1. Create a new thread for each help request; avoid posting in existing threads.
  2. Limit one thread per issue; duplicates will be closed.
  3. No abusive language or insults are allowed.
  4. Avoid posting advertisements or promotional links in signatures and posts.
  5. Refrain from requesting payment in public or sharing personal site links as your main contribution.
  6. Do not seek assistance in bypassing security measures in files or websites.
  7. If you’ve posted your question elsewhere, provide the link; your thread may be locked until the link is provided.
  8. Address questions and requests from Moderators and Administrators promptly before proceeding with your thread.
  9. Use of AI tools to generate forum answers is not allowed; sanctions may be imposed for violations.
  10. Stay on-topic in each thread to maintain a focused and productive discussion.
  11. Respect diverse opinions and engage in constructive, courteous communication.
  12. Report any inappropriate content or behavior to ensure a positive forum environment.
  13. Avoid excessive use of caps, emojis, or excessive formatting in posts for better readability.
  14. Keep personal disagreements out of public threads; use private messaging for conflict resolution.
  15. No spamming or excessive self-promotion; contribute meaningfully to discussions